About me

Welcome to a place that considers spirituality, environment, art, politics, technology (the impact of technology on individuals and society) and other things.


I lean to the left, but can be found on the right for some things — or maybe the center, but then I start leaning to the left again. Oh hell, I don’t just lean to the left, I fall right down firmly on the left. Cut down by a right-wing, chainsaw wielding, fundamentalist whacko. But seriously, I don’t agree with the left on all things. Read and see. Let me know where you fall, if you fall, and why you keep falling (maybe you should get that checked). Enjoy and comment!

More about me

I was born and raised in upstate NY. I’ve lived in and around the Albany NY area, to the Syracuse NY area, back to Albany, then off to Buffalo for college, then back to Albany. OK, so I haven’t gone very far, but I love this area. The Adirondacks to the north, Boston a quick drive to the east, NYC a quick train ride to the south and everything in between. Oh, the weather can be bitter and tough in the winter, but I think that makes a person one of stronger character. Sorry to those of you who live in Tucson and Miami (most of whom are probably from the north), but we northerners can take a lot of crap. We complain like hell, but we still take it!

My college education is a BS in electrical engineering, but I now work in application development for a NY government agency. I love developing computer applications. It’s like being able to build my own world, except out of bits and bytes instead of steel and glass. Bit and bytes are easier to recycle, and they are generally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Of course, the ability to push the bits and bytes around is not the most environmentally friendly practice, but of all jobs, it’s fairly benign.

That’s it for now. Here are some pictures…

In my Element
P1010239 (2)

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