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Edward Abbey wrote: “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of cancer.”

…How true. And the results for us will be the same. Now it’s time to restore and heal the broken connection between people and the Earth.

We are learning that we no longer need to pillage and subdue the earth for us to succeed. We no longer have to dominate the land and distance ourselves from our natural surroundings to live well. Progress once meant unsustainable growth. Now we see that such a path is bad for us and every other creature on the planet.

The Web of Life (not the internet) is an extraordinary and intricate entity. The web is the relationship of us to each other, to all life around us and to the Earth herself. It is the relationship between ocean and sky, between mountain and stream, between fox and rabbit. In this web, we are truly connected to all that is around us. It is and always has been extremely evident, yet most people, especially in western society, do not see this connection any more.

In the most simplistic example, a concrete and steel highrise building surrounded by a paved parking lot which seems to go on forever causes us not to see any more. Abusive advertising and uncontrollable consumption, and the resulting “mall society” which all tell us we can’t possibly be happy without this product or that, make us blind to the connection.

Drug and alcohol abuse are symptoms of disconnection. So are physical and emotional abuse, food and sex addictions, and so many other similar symptoms so rampant in our society. Disease, hate of self or others, nuclear weaponry, and environmental destruction are the direct result of the loss of connectedness. They are the macro effect of our individual disconnection.

So what can be done? How can this loss of connectedness be restored? There is no easy single answer. But this site is full of some very interesting links to help begin the journey toward understanding, and hopefully healing, this loss in your own life. So please, look around. Let me know if you find anything of interest, or anything which helps you.

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