Simple living

Remember, simplicity doesn’t mean deprivation

…it means balance. It’s not about poverty, it’s about re-evaluating our excesses.


Another aspect of our disconnection is our need to consume voraciously.If you are interested in simplifying your life here are a few good sites. This search for simple living resources shows just a few hundred million Google results for living simply. This one for living lightly gives even more resources with many links to related helpful sites for having less of an impact on the earth. There is also a place devoted to realizing the new dream. One where our country can sustain itself indefinitely in a finite environment. It attempts to expose the old dream, which is based on material success and constant growth, driving families into debt, and poisoning communities. Its premise: question consumption.

Or look into intentional living communities many of which promote an earth friendly, low impact, communal living philosophy. One community in particular that focuses on sustainable living is Earthaven Ecovillage in NC.

No one should have to live in poverty. Maybe if those of us who can make choices about how we live our lives choose simpler lifestyles, those who do live in poverty will have a chance to get out of poverty.

Something I have found that helps me to slow down and really listen is barefoot hiking. It is amazing what a little barefoot stroll through the woods will do to help you become more aware of the planet which supports you. I have been hiking barefoot for a few years now and I highly recommend it. We really need to open up to the world around us, and this is one very physical way of doing so.

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