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Searching for the perfect organizing solution – Part 1

I’ll say this right at the start. I think it’s mathematically impossible, because the variables are too numerous. I mean, I’ve broken this down into categories, types, contexts and availabilities… and there’s more. And beyond each of those, there are … Continue reading

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Auto-maker rescue

Help me. I really don’t get this one. Here’s the deal: auto-makers like, oh, say… GM, make big-inefficient-gas-guzzling-truck-cars.  Their entire business model is built around selling such things. Their entire profit structure revolves around people’s gullibility to buy such things. … Continue reading

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A video summary of Web 2.0

An excellent Web 2.0 video from Digital Ethnography workgroup at the Kansas State University, Department of Cultural Anthropology. Visit their page here. The best line is the one about every connection we make via a weblink is teaching the machine. … Continue reading

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Yahoo should buy Zoho

Why not? What’s the wait? This would give Yahoo! a huge and successful entrance into online office suites. Zoho is very cool, and probably the best Web2.0 office suite out there, far surpassing Google’s offering, and much better done than … Continue reading

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