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Cigarette Out the Window

You may have felt it before… maybe a small tinge or a depth of indignation. You’re stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. Then all of  the sudden, you see a white thing flicked out of the window from … Continue reading

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Auto-maker rescue

Help me. I really don’t get this one. Here’s the deal: auto-makers like, oh, say… GM, make big-inefficient-gas-guzzling-truck-cars.  Their entire business model is built around selling such things. Their entire profit structure revolves around people’s gullibility to buy such things. … Continue reading

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Water the Driveway

Suburbia… land of waste and want. Barren, soulless and lifeless, except for lawns which are high on Tru-Green. What better thing to do on a hot afternoon than water the driveway? And maybe, just maybe, get some on the drug-crazed … Continue reading

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Annual rite of spring

It happens every year. The annual burn out or burn off or ultimate stupidity. Whatever you call it, the practice is mind boggling. It is the annual rite of, you guessed it, running your snow blower until all the leftover … Continue reading

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