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Searching for the perfect organizing solution – Part 1

I’ll say this right at the start. I think it’s mathematically impossible, because the variables are too numerous. I mean, I’ve broken this down into categories, types, contexts and availabilities… and there’s more. And beyond each of those, there are … Continue reading

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Unschooling, even in school.

My children were unschooled for most of their schooling years. My daughter was unschooled right up until she decided to go to school in 10th grade. She jumped righ into high school, from having no formal curriculum, no history of … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Letters

The other day, my daughter asked my why we need a letter “x”. Or “q” or “c” for that matter. Good questions, especially when she was giving alternate spellings for words that normally have those letters. For instance, xylophone or … Continue reading

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The Fates (a probabalistic model)

What are the fates? What is your fate? The fates are probabilities. Let me put it this way: what if you are going from your living room to your kitchen to get a glass of water. What is the probability … Continue reading

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When Religion Rules

I’ve found the main difference between religion and spirituality. The latter is deeply personal, free (as in freedom) and more self directed. It allows one to determine what is right for her or himself. The former is social, legal, and … Continue reading

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Today I channeled beauty

On my bike ride today around North Hero and Grand Isle VT, I was simply struck by the beauty around me. I felt blessed appreciation. I truly felt it at a deeper than visual level. It was as if I … Continue reading

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My View of the Dead (A Samhain Post)

Ghosts, spirits, apparitions… oh my! What do you think these are? Are they really disembodied spirits? The souls of those who have died, somehow left behind to roam the earth until freed from such bondage? And what implications does that … Continue reading

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This New Feeling

I’m not used to this new energy that courses through me in bolts and waves. I’ve never had this sort of pain linked to loss linked to love linked to my universe. I’ve had pain before, but not the constant, … Continue reading

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The Control Illusion

Why I don’t want my daughter to go to a Black Eyed Peas concert. I want to get honest. I admit my tendency to “control.” It’s about fear. I am scared that my innocent, precious little girl will actually grow … Continue reading

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The power behind sex!

The power is that it deeply involves ALL of the five sacred elements intertwined and intermingled: Earth (north) – body, flesh, bone, structure, terra firma Air (east) -breath, the space between, the atmosphere around, scent and sound Fire (south) – … Continue reading

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