Searching for the perfect organizing solution – Part 1

I’ll say this right at the start. I think it’s mathematically impossible, because the variables are too numerous. I mean, I’ve broken this down into categories, types, contexts and availabilities… and there’s more. And beyond each of those, there are sub-headings. And beyond those there are considerations and exceptions. And it never ends. I want to write about all of it here.

If I haven’t lost you yet, good! Let me first describe what I’m trying to do here. I’m trying to take all the information that flows into and out of my life and organize it somehow. What information am I talking about? Well, for instance, an appointment on my calendar. Or a reminder to call my bank about a recent problem, or all the usernames and passwords for all the websites I have. There is a lot more. Way way more. Chances are you’ve experienced this as well.

So I’m trying to find the best solution to organize it in a way that is easy to dump it into, and easy to retrieve it from. It has to be readily accessible, via my phone, or my home computer, or my laptop, or my work computer. Maybe on the web, or stored and available offline, or both.

So you see? Let’s start looking at this. We’ll start with context.

What’s context? It’s the realm of information. Basically, for me, there are a few options. Work, home (personal), and home (family). Is the information pertinent to work or home, or maybe both?  Pretty much everything I am involved in falls under these few contexts. If you also go to school, that might be another context. The information you have will make sense within the context from which it comes.

Coming up next, we’ll discuss the next entity, availability.

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