The Fates (a probabalistic model)

What are the fates? What is your fate?

The fates are probabilities. Let me put it this way: what if you are going from your living room to your kitchen to get a glass of water. What is the probability that you will get to the kitchen? What is the probability that you will get to the kitchen and get a glass of water? What is the probability that you will do that AND get back to the living room?

In each instance, the probability is very close to 100%, decreasing ever so slightly at each step of the process. I mean, considering what could happen at each point, whether it’s an earthquake, or a stroke, or a fall, or just something diverting your attention, the sum of all the probabilities of anything happening that gets in the way of you getting your water, is very low.

So the Fates would say you would get your glass of water and return to your living room. The probabilities are very high. Such high probabilities are hard to manipulate. Cue magic, the Witch’s Magick.

What does magic have to do with this? It can manipulate the fates. It can influence the probabilities. But only so much, depending on how gifted you are, or, in other words, how much influence your magic can assert on the fates. And what is magic? It is at its core, a blend of intention and will.

Let’s look at the lottery. The lottery is something that has very, very high odds against any single individual from actually winning. Add to that every person who is playing the lottery with the intention of winning it, and you have fates that are very distributed. If 10 million people play a lottery in which 1 out of every 10 billion tickets win (drawing 6 balls from a lot of 70 uniquely numbered balls results in almost 95 billion combinations), the odds are for any single person winning are very low. The overall odds of *anyone* winning are higher. What influence would a Witch have, who may be able to manipulate the fates? If the odds are 10,000,000 to 1 that an individual would win, then a Witch would have to have a very strong influence indeed upon the fates to turn the outcome in her or his favor. Add to that every individuals desire (will/intention) to win, then you have an even higher hurdle.

Everyone exerts will and intention upon the fates. Witches do it with consciousness. Others do it through unknown desire. Some do it through prayer or superstitions. They truly want to win the lottery. I’m only using this as an example, since I couldn’t say that everyone wants to win the lottery or that every Witch works magic to win such things. But when you have 10,000,000 people playing the lottery, all of them hoping to win to some degree or another, then the fates are muddled with intent, influenced probability, and an order of chaos. Absolute randomness may be driven from the system, even though the end result may seem random. In the end, there is always another lottery draw next week.

An aside

Quantum mechanics, the behavior of matter at a subatomic level, is described using probability. In any given moment, a particle being observed can be at any position, energy level (or whatever else is measured) based on a statistical model that looks like an elongated cos(x) plot from -x/2 to x/2, rotated around the x axis (it looks like that, but that is not the equation that defines it). The highest probability represented by the y axis, meaning that at the point of measurement, the state of the quantum particle would most likely be at the center, but could be at any point along the horizontal axis, decreasing in probability as it moves away from the center. Once measured though, the function changes (via Fourier Transform). This is the wave function of quantum mechanics. It defines the likelihood of a particles place in space and time.

The bottom line is: the building blocks of the very universe are based on probability. Not deterministic. Not stochastic either, since it isn’t random. Everything that can happen in a given moment, has a chance of happening, however small. Every QM measurement that can result has a chance of happening, however small.

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