What would you call someone who…

… casts a circle by the light of a full moon, invokes the quarters, and the God and Goddess, honors the ancestors and casts spells?

It is what I do to connect to Spirit. It is what I do to encounter Deity (I and many others). Walking this path is not like anything I have done before. It is self directed. There is no rule book, no dogma, no bible. At times it seems scary, wide-open, anything is possible, as in all possibilities lie before me. I can choose — truly choose — the path I walk on a daily basis. I can enter the darkness or the light and be OK in both.

But with this freedom comes responsibility. It isn’t about the light and the dark — they just are. Both have their purpose and their strength. It is about intention and will.

Magick is all about intention and will. They are a powerful combination, far more than many people give credit. Whether used wisely and for positive purposes, or carelessly and for negative purposes, it works. It molds our reality and shapes our fates. It creates reality into being. It is the power of consciousness. Intention and will are the outward manifestations of the state of our soul. They also feedback into the soul, in effect, “feeding” it. It is that link that make them so potent.

To you it may be “prayer” or the “power of positive thinking” or “law of attraction”. It intertwines with the spinning of fates, the fabric of form. It is the motive force of consciousness; our true selves interacting with the Universe.

We all — every one of us — encounter this in a different way. Some use the various mainstream religions. Some reach out to the more esoteric ones, whereas others reach back for the ancient beliefs. Then there are those who claim to have no belief in anything they can not touch. In many cases, people’s route, the path itself, becomes the end. There is no more for them. They stop on the way, without ever daring to see where the way goes.

Some go further, see farther, dig deeper. Some may see it, some may merely glance at it. It is the Truth that can not be named, that which can not be sought. As a matter of fact, in order to find it you must not seek it. In order to talk about it, it must not be mentioned.

My path is one of the Wise. It is the way I tread this life.

So what do you call that person? A Witch, of course. You do what you do. I do what I do.

Peace and Blessings on both of us.

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