Today I channeled beauty

On my bike ride today around North Hero and Grand Isle VT, I was simply struck by the beauty around me. I felt blessed appreciation. I truly felt it at a deeper than visual level. It was as if I took in the beauty and sent it back into the world as love. That’s what beauty is. It is there (it’s everywhere), but when I (or any person) become conscious of it, it enters reality or becomes reality. It becomes. And my consciousness of it brings it into existence, adding energy to the consciousness that is humanity. Becoming conscious of it transformed it into — a spark of Creation!

Allow me to put it this way: The Universe experienced Beauty through me. Just as it experiences Compassion, Love, and Joy through me. Everything I experience is the Universe experiencing through me.

But the Universe also experiences pain through me. My struggles and misery, my sickness and grief… all of it. And for me to deny it would be to deny the Universe’s moment to experience those feelings through me. To repress and bind such feelings is to keep the natural flow of Universe experiencing through me locked. That’s why it’s so important to let go into the experience, whether it is painful, or pleasurable. Let go fully into it and be in it. That keeps you free and available to all that is.

And when we let go so fully into something like that (and believe me, I am not there yet), we are healthier people overall. And we radiate the energy that so easily flows though us.

As Eckhart Tolle said: We are the Universe becoming aware of Itself.

May I be the channel through which that happens.

Note: The Universe? All That Is, “God”, Spirit, Goddess, Eternity, Ether, Stillness.

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