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As for the Witchcraft thing, yes there is so much to say… SO much. First and foremost, I think a person’s practice of the craft is as varied as the people who practice it. So I can’t speak for any other witches, only myself. You can ask 10 Witches their definition of Witchcraft and you will get 10 different answers. There are many different types of modern Witchcraft too: traditional ones like Alexandrian, Dianic, Hermetic, etc, or newer ones like Eclectic, progressive, or others the names of which escape me at this late hour. Pagans are un-organizable. We do not want to be placed into an organized religion.
Well some do, and some groups fight for “legitimacy”. They want to have church suppers and a building to go to. I’m more toward the un-organized side. I don’t need others recognition to legitimize what is right for me. But I do not begrudge those who seek it. I do prefer the media portray Witches well, but I’m not stuck on that.
My practice is different in different ways. For instance, I’m not really into divination, tarot, scrying or whatever. I lean toward a more Tollian view of acceptance and presence. One who tries to constantly divine the future is not really being present now. But I do work with energy, spells, rituals etc. One of my favorite rituals is when I go out at night and it’s completely dark and I’m just completely open to the night and stars and air. I am completely without the restriction of clothing. I really feel the energy moving through me sometimes and it’s invigorating. I can use that energy, direct it, charge it with intention and send it out.
I don’t use a lot of tools, potions or canned incantations either. I use ritual that speaks to me and works best for me. I use my hands as my tools. That’s not to say I don’t use things every once in a while. I use a wand, athame (knife), candles, incense, earth, air, fire, water. I do weather magick, sea magick and whatever other natural body I’m around that I can draw energy from. I ground, balance, center, protect, shield, cleanse, heal and other spells.
I ceased being a Christian many years ago. I found that it just didn’t speak to me any more. It’s not that I don’t believe in Jesus. As a matter of fact, Eckharts teachings have actually given me a greater appreciation of his (Jesus’) teachings. But I consider myself Pagan. It being, of course, just a label. And religious labels are some of the most dangerous, so take it as you will. It is what I practice. My ritual, the flow of my Spirit. Sometimes I look at the Abrahamic religions and think of all the strife and conflict that have been done under it’s influence. It is mind boggling the amount of suffering that has come into the world through one (real or unreal) man (Abraham).
Here are some links for info about my practice and some other stuff:
My WitchVox profile: (I know, weird picture!)
My blog: (sometimes I vent in it, but it has some stuff)
Something a very cool young Witch wrote that speaks strongly to me (he’s bi and a few years younger than me! Too bad he’s in Australia.):

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