I remember watching some time ago a TV evangelist whose main purpose in life was to beg for money. I saw this guy a few times. I don’t remember if his name was Tilden or Tilten or something like that, but I do remember that during his entire show, he was somehow able to make his message for “more money” into his sermon of the day.  That showed incredible talent, now that I come to think of it (and why am I coming to think of it now?).

He was able to masterfully blend your sending him money with his god’s sending you blessings. That’s right, the old cash for blessing program. With this incentivised program, his god was sure to move blessings out the door. No offer was too ridiculous . Come in and let us show you what we have!  We’ve got this beauty right here from 1 John 3:15, oh and here’s one from an actual gospel. All these blessings and they are ready to move.

OK, so I did a few searches and actually found the guy. But not what I thought I would find. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time. I was in tears laughing at this. Watch it… you’ll see.

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