Cigarette Out the Window

You may have felt it before… maybe a small tinge or a depth of indignation. You’re stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. Then all of  the sudden, you see a white thing flicked out of the window from the car in front of you.

How can this be? Who in the world would do that, you think to your self as your car idles, waiting. It stews in you a little more. That really pisses me off, you mutter, as you see the still lit butt sitting on the side of the road, but still on the pavement. That guy’s an asshole.

It hasn’t yet crossed your mind that the pavement that both your car and the one in front of you sit, waiting, is made from a toxic mix of petro-goo poured liberally across every corner of the country, if not the world. Poured right beneath where you are. Right beneath where you’ll be, and conveniently enough poured generously everywhere in between.

If it had crossed your mind, you might have felt as I do sometimes. Sure I get pissed, but then I look around, at myself, sitting in a car, on a road, maybe a Chipotle cup in the trash with other assorted junk lying about. Maybe you’d realize the irony, or the fact that all the trash you create will all end up somewhere on the planet. Maybe not just right there on the side of the road, next to the car. It will end up in a huge man-made mountain somewhere. Hopefully somewhere you can’t see it or smell it.

But as for the man throwing his butt out the window (oh wait, it’s a woman) well, what do you expect? She obviously doesn’t care about herself! I mean, smoking? That is just so bad for you! Who even does that anymore? So typical of a woman driving rusty Plymouth Acclaim. Actually, I can’t tell… is that a guy or a girl?

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