My Paganism…

…most likely isn’t like your Paganism. I would go so far as to say no one’s Paganism is like anyone else’s. But mine is particularly distinct in flavor. Eclectic Universal Tollianism. What in the world is that?

Well, I’m eclectic. I do not stick to any single tradition or system of beliefs. I absorb that which works for me and makes sense to me. I’ve had enough time trying to take in things that make no sense to me. That was where I and so many others come from. It is so unnatural, and unnecessary. It doesn’t have to be that way people!

I’m a Universalist. Not a Unitarian Universalist, but a Universalist as in I believe Universe is God. But God is such a loaded, abused word, that it is difficult to use. I see the Universe, all that is, as god itself. I believe god is not apart or outside of us, but is all around, and within us. Is us.

I’m a Tollian, even though that’s not a word, nor should it be. Eckhart Tolle’s books have had a great influence on me. I’ve learned so much from them, and even though I find them difficult to put into practice, I understand them… I get it. I know what he is saying and it explains so much of what I already knew, but never could piece together until now. His words speak deeply to me, and I know them to be true. What he says actually explains so much of the Christianity I grew up with. It gives me a new and deeper appreciation for Jesus teachings. It allows me to move on from those years, with appreciation instead of resentment. I know Tolle’s words are not new. I know he draws from various traditions and sages. But there is something about the way he presents it that has gotten through to me.

I’m also a Witch. I learned of that around 1994 or 95. I was looking for my spiritual roots before Christianity, and stumbled upon modern Witchcraft. Lo and behold, what I read resonated loudly in me. I felt it inside. Words were put to what I always knew, but couldn’t explain. I cast the sacred Circle, call the quarters, invoke the god(s) and goddess(es). I feel the energy in me, moving through me powerfully and in a real way

But again, my witchyness is probably quite different than yours (if you are one). I would go so far as to say there are not even two Witches the same. There are many out there that I do not resonate with, and many that I do. We are all very different, for there is so much individuality in our beliefs.

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