War on Xmas

What’s all this about a War on Xmas? We have the war on drugs, war on poverty, war on terror… it seems there ain’t nothin we won’t go to war against. So now we’re at war with Xmas. Well, if we have the same luck as we’ve had with all those other wars, it looks like Xmas should do just fine.

Anyway, really, it seems to be that time of year when certain people get very offended that Macy’s uses “Holiday Sale” instead of “Christmas Sale” in their fliers. It seems they feel it is important that their god endorse all sales, or they aren’t valid sales. Seriously, why would these people want commercial stores to make reference to their god? How insecure must a person be about his or her beliefs. How small must they think their god to be, if threatened by such an insignificant¬† matter.

What is really going on? Is it the lack of faith? Maybe. But what you’ll really find behind this is the religious right, trying to usurp control and force their vision of Christianity on the populace. Similar to what the Taliban liked to do with the people of Afghanistan. What is their fear of taking Christ out of store ads? Is it that it will only get worse? If they take their god out of the stores, then next he will be taken out of public restrooms, then NASCAR, then finally, the worst of the worst, their god will be blasphemously removed from bumper stickers and billboards.

It’s about fear. It has always been about fear for Christians. They do not actually put any trust in their god, as evidenced by their belief that they must forcibly push their god on others. They are fearful of anything they do not understand, and they are fearful of many things — which means they don’t understand much. It seems that if Christians just let go, and trusted in their god, all would go well. If their god was so great (and I’m not saying he isn’t, it just seems no one gives him a chance), it’s presence would be naturally accepted around the world.

This fear spreads to the Christians heavy emphasis on their dark god, Satan. They have so much interest in their dark god, that you would think that it is their primary god. Why so much emphasis? Why so much apparent fear? Again, it seems like a lack of faith in their main god. Stop giving the bad guy so much credit, and press, and attention. For where your intention goes, so goes your power.

Peace out, y’all.


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