The fly in my car

This morning I had a fly in my car. It was buzzing around my head and bouncing into me. Normally, I would put down the windows and try to get it out, meaning I might not be paying attention to my driving. As a matter of fact, the night before, that’s exactly what I was doing… to no avail.
But this morning, at the particular point where I was going to start swatting and shooing, I heard a voice in my head say “just let it go; pay no attention to it” and so I did.
It ended up that that was the best thing I could have done, since as I was going around a sharp turn, another car was coming from the other direction and I know that if I was messing with trying to shoo a fly out of my car, I would have drifted over the line and possibly smashed into the oncoming car.
This came about because of the book I’m reading “Fourth Uncle in the Mountain” where the author was very hungry and meditating and at one point in his meditation, saw food next to him. He asked the master about it and the master said “pay no attention to it.” I don’t know why, but that is what came up for me, and very strong.
Around noon, I found the fly dead on the driver’s seat in my car.
Just let it go. Pay no attention to it. Lesson learned.

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