Religion du popular culture?

Can a religion just start? I mean, does it have to be old and, well, old?

I’ve heard of a couple of (admittedly cool) attempts to begin new religions based on movies or popular culture. One such religion is that of the Jedi Knights. When I first heard of it, I thought… that would make a great religion! There is a site [link] for the Jedi Church (recognized on the UK census, though not an official religion there), and something called the Jedi Resource Center [link].
The other is from The Lord of The Rings. Their Elven religion is based on the elves from Rivendell [link]. So cool!

Why in the world would these be at all valid? Why is any religion valid? A philosophy, a common set of beliefs adhered to by a group of people. Is that all it takes? Well, basically, yes.

That’s how any religion ever started.

And that’s how you can start your own.

(Anyone for a moment of worship at the Shrine of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?)


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