A god created

You know, it is so obvious to me that the god of the bible, particularly the old testament, is a creation from the minds of humans. It is full of anthropomorphic language, similar to what one might find in a children’s book, like when a writer attributes human qualities to a squirrel, and the squirrel can talk and hold things and eat with a fork and knife. That is what the writers of the bible did with their descriptions of their god character.

Their god character made things, got tired, rested, then found one group of people to hang out with, then got really angry — almost on a daily basis — then did some very strange miracles (I mean really strange, like turning people into pillars of salt and keeping a guy alive in an oven). Their god was very demanding and spoke almost entirely in commands and ultimatums. He (they believe god is a man, roughly 76 years old and most certainly bearded) was impatient, jealous, and vengeful, qualities you might find in a ruthless dictator or malevolent king. Then one day, it all stopped. And for the last 2000 years or so, you just didn’t hear much about things like that any more. Certainly Christianity wasn’t meant to end all the previous goings-on. But apparently, it did. Nonetheless, this god is one of the most popular gods around today.

That’s right. The Abrahamic god, the god of the three major book religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, is the most popular*. And if you might have thought that was a good thing, you’d be wrong. Since no more blood has been spilled for any other reason than for belief in this god in one way or another. Sad, really. This creation of humans (mostly men, around 76 years old and bearded) has become one of the most destructive forces in human history.

* Popularity is a relative thing. So much of the popularity of this god is due, not to the god as it were, but to the unrelenting, purposeful, forceful, and obsessive imposition of the followers beliefs onto the rest of the world. Given that kind of a platform, I’d be popular too.


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