Water the Driveway

Suburbia… land of waste and want. Barren, soulless and lifeless, except for lawns which are high on Tru-Green. What better thing to do on a hot afternoon than water the driveway? And maybe, just maybe, get some on the drug-crazed lawn.

That’s what you’ll see walking around a suburban neighborhood. That’s what you’ll wonder about when you see the water running down the drains, hour after hour, house after house.

That’s what you’ll see when it’s raining out, and the sprinklers are on. You’ve got to see it to appreciate it.

Actually there are two different types of lawn watering. The one that you hook up to a hose and move to the spot that you want to water seem to waste the most. Especially when trying to water an irregularly shaped area. The other one is built into the lawn and go on rain or shine at a set time of day. When did those things become so popular? When I was growing up, you’d never see them. But then again, you wouldn’t see 6000 sq ft houses either. Now, they are everywhere.

You know, all a weed is, is a plant growing somewhere where you don’t want it to grow. So these mono-culture lawns that we see all around us (which are really weeds if they are growing in your garden), are a blight to that natural world. The amount of time, chemicals, fossil fuels, water and space they waste are laughable.


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