Annual rite of spring

It happens every year. The annual burn out or burn off or ultimate stupidity. Whatever you call it, the practice is mind boggling. It is the annual rite of, you guessed it, running your snow blower until all the leftover gas is used up.

What a truly bizarre site it is to see all those snow blowers just sitting there in people’s driveways, engines running, just sitting there. It seems some run for an hour or more.

As I went for a walk on beautiful April Earth Day, I saw at least a half dozen of these “occurrences” around our neighborhood. I don’t even have to mention the irony of it.

What do people think? I mean, gasoline isn’t exactly cheap, and global warming isn’t actually a well kept secret. Why not siphon? Or use a large suction turkey baster type thing. Or just let it stay there, maybe put in some dry-gas. I’ve never had a problem with our lawn mower sitting over the winter with gasoline from the previous summer in it. It always starts after a few pulls of the cord.

BTW, I’m considering getting a reel mower. My old lawnmower, that I bought used for $40 about 8 years ago, is on its way out. My lawn is not so big that a good reel mower couldn’t handle it.


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