So I walked around before dark fell and saw the Washington Monument (actually went to the top… it’s free!), the Lincoln Memorial (it’s in Linkin Park), the Vietnam Memorial (won’t we ever learn?), the Korean Memorial, and a bunch of other things. I swear there was a police motorcade every 10 minutes. When I first saw one, I thought it was the president, but then the kept happening, and I know Bush doesn’t get out that much.
Everyone here is more important than everyone else. You can just smell the beauracracy!
There are more homeless people, beggars and old handicapped people here than anywhere I’ve been to. So many people asking for money. I wonder if they give receipts?
Anyway, the restaurant that I went to had a fight right outside its doors. People were yelling and screaming, then the police came, then the paramedics. Meanwhile, I’m inside thinking “should I get the crab cakes or the salmon.” Apparently Washington is known for it’s less than stellar crime record. They cleaned up the blood while I finished off my salmon.
I flew in the BWI because it was cheaper, then took a 35 minute shuttle ride with a crazed Jamaican driver through thick traffic. I couldn’t look.
My hotel room has a view of a roof, a large metal thing and a wall. And there’s some garbage on the roof to help it look the part. Who said I was here to look out my window? Not me!
So that’s my report for now. I can’t wait for all the sleet and ice to start so I can fly in a plane with 3 inches of ice on the wings! What a blast! Then, when I get to home in the midst of the blizzard, I can slide right down the runway into a house or something.
Oh the joy of it all.

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