Oh what a day!

Two great things…

First, the election is over. No more attack ads and signs everywhere for another 2 whole years!

Second, the dems are clearing the stale, smoggy, sickening air of the right wing monopoly on power. Already good things are happening. Rumsfeld is out, Bush is on the run. Oh joy. Here is what MSNBC said:

A pledge from Pelosi
Setting a standard her party will be judged on in elections two years from now, speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi promised: “Democrats intend to lead the most honest, the most open and the most ethical Congress in history.”

The California Democrat was on the cusp of making history herself, as the first woman speaker. President Bush called her Wednesday morning to congratulate her.

Pelosi pledged bipartisanship in a midday news conference.

“It’s not about the Democrats in Congress forcing the president’s hand,” she said. “The American people have spoken.”

Pelosi has already outlined a “First Hundred Hours” agenda.

The plan includes promises to reform lobbying, enact the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 commission, raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, cut the interest rate on student loans in half, streamline Medicare’s prescription drug program and expand federal funding for stem cell research.

She said she wants to work with Bush on a “new direction” on Iraq.


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