Yahoo should buy Zoho

Why not? What’s the wait? This would give Yahoo! a huge and successful entrance into online office suites. Zoho is very cool, and probably the best Web2.0 office suite out there, far surpassing Google’s offering, and much better done than ThinkFree (which needs some Java applet that never runson my PC).

But of course, there is the small matter of Zoho being owned by AdventNet, so Yahoo! would have to buy it out from them, which isn’t as easy as buying a whole company outright. Or maybe they could buy AdventNet. Not sure how much all that costs, or how much money Yahoo! has. And I don’t know if Yahoo! knows which way they are going anyway.
And then there is the issue of Yahoo! buying Zoho, then puting ads everywhere on the page like they did with Oddpost email. That, I can do without. But the promise of integrating my Yahoo! mail and calendar into an entire online office suite is still too nice to ignore.

So go ahead Yahoo!. Open the wallet and buy yourself some Zoho. It’s worth it.


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