I’m sick of the election.


The lies flow like Niagara Falls from both sides, but mostly the GOP. Our democracy is (now) built upon choosing people with the most convincing lies. It will all be over (the 2006 election, not the lies) next week. Thank Goddess.

Speaking of lies, or liars, it’s always interesting to see people fall from their self declared heights. Mark Foley, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, the fun group of guys at Enron. But it’s always a good thing when people’s realities catch up with them. It’s like they can maybe face their own truth, their essence, instead of living in a rigid container filled by their fears. The latest to fall is Ted Haggard the uber-evangelical preacherman from Colorado. He leads one of the largest of the large megaindustrial churches, the 14,000-member New Life Church, and is the head of the National Association of Evangelicals. He’s an outspoken critic of homosexuality, same-sex marriage and closely alied with the ultra-conservative Focus on the Family. It turns out he’s gay, or at least experimenting (for just having sex with a male prostitute doesn’t actually mean one is gay). He’s also a drug addict gettin’ it on with crystal-meth, and he’s been messin’ around on his wife and of course, he’s a liar. And a hypocrite.

But you know, this is a chance for him. This could be the chance for him to come out of his fear driven faith, his lofty pseudo-christian fundamentalism and figure out who he his. Because in my book, it is wrong for him to be messing around on his wife, and it’s wrong for him to lie, and it’s wrong for him to be a hypocrite, but it’s not wrong for him to be gay, if that is what he is . Yet to some of these people, it’s just the opposite: wrong to be gay, but just fine to lie, cheat and steal in the name of their god. Just the opposite of what I would find acceptable, or “moral”, if you will.

Maybe he’ll go to a sex addict meeting and meet real people trying to come to grips with their compulsions. Maybe he’ll go to NA and see how other addicts struggle through a day without drugs and admit his powerlessness. Maybe he’ll find himself alone in a forest where he actually feels the comfort of the Wise Ancient One’s. Maybe he’ll cry tears from deep within his being, the same being that makes the beggar cry, the mother of children killed in a US bombing raid in Iraq cry, the EarthFirst!er cry when the forests are wiped out around her. Maybe he’ll be able to meditate on the interconnectedness of all life, maybe he’ll chant songs of healing for mother earth. I go too far, but all is possible now.

Maybe he’ll find the peace he seeks.

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