Yesterday was Halloween.

I had so much fun with my kids when we went trick-or-treating in a neighborhood full of Halloween excitement. People in this neighborhood really know how to do Halloween right. They even have a costume contest right in the middle of it all and I tied for first place in the adult category. I was a nerd… a very good one at that. As we were parading around for the judges, I heard one of them say “that nerd is disgusting.” I knew I had it in the bag after that. The person I tied with was a very good grim reaper with red eyes. But he wasn’t picking his nose and ears and eating it.My son won second prize for his age category: 2-4. He was a pirate, as were many kids this year. One kid who won first prize was a pirate ship. I think my son won because he really is the cutest little boy! My daughter didn’t win, competition was tough this year. But both she and my son won second place for their age categories at the local firehouse Halloween party.

After the trick-or-treating I met up with a friend of mine and we went to a Witches Samhain ritual. It was complete with Dumb Supper and a seance. We were even asked to drum in some energy, which we did, and which I think we did well. The event was very nice, though long. I’m not much for calling up the spirits of the dead. My thought on that is let them rest. If they want your attention, they’ll get it, but don’t go after them to come to this plane and have to deal with earthly things any more. Plus, if reincarnation is a thing, how do we know they aren’t already among us in physical from? Also, how can you trust that you are communicating with the spirit you call up? What about a trickster spirit or worse?

All-in-all, a fine Halloween and a fine Samhain!

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